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DAOEvents Class Reference

DAO events constants. More...

Data Fields

const GET_ALL = 'dao.getall'
const GET_ONE = 'dao.getone'
const BEFORE_INSERT = 'dao.before.insert'
const BEFORE_UPDATE = 'dao.before.update'
const AFTER_INSERT = 'dao.after.insert'
const AFTER_UPDATE = 'dao.after.update'

Detailed Description

DAO events constants.

src$DAOEvents This class is part of Ubiquity

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Field Documentation


const AFTER_INSERT = 'dao.after.insert'

Definition at line 24 of file DAOEvents.php.


const AFTER_UPDATE = 'dao.after.update'

Definition at line 26 of file DAOEvents.php.


const BEFORE_INSERT = 'dao.before.insert'

Definition at line 20 of file DAOEvents.php.


const BEFORE_UPDATE = 'dao.before.update'

Definition at line 22 of file DAOEvents.php.


const GET_ALL = 'dao.getall'

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const GET_ONE = 'dao.getone'

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