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Semantic Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($autoCompile=true)
 setLanguage ($language)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseGui
 isAutoCompile ()
 setAutoCompile ($autoCompile)
 compile ($internal=false)
 setJs (JsUtils $js)
 addComponent (SimpleComponent $component, $attachTo, $params)
 addHtmlComponent (BaseHtml $htmlComponent)
 compileHtml (JsUtils $js=NULL, &$view=NULL)
 matchHtmlComponents ($callback)
 getHtmlComponent ($identifier)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SemanticComponentsTrait
 addComponent (SimpleComponent $component, $attachTo, $params)
 generic ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 popup ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 dropdown ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 accordion ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 sticky ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 checkbox ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 rating ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 progress ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 search ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 dimmer ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 modal ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL, $paramsParts=NULL)
 tab ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 shape ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 form ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 toast ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
 slider ($attachTo=NULL, $params=NULL)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SemanticHtmlElementsTrait
 addHtmlComponent (BaseHtml $htmlComponent)
 addState ($state, $elements)
 htmlButton ($identifier, $value=null, $cssStyle=null, $onClick=null)
 Return a new Semantic Html Button.
 htmlButtonGroups ($identifier, $elements=array(), $asIcons=false)
 Returns a group of Semantic buttons.
 htmlContainer ($identifier, $content="")
 Returns a new Semantic container.
 htmlDivider ($identifier, $content="", $tagName="div")
 Returns a new Semantic divider.
 htmlHeader ($identifier, $niveau=1, $content=NULL, $type="page")
 Returns a new Semantic header.
 htmlIcon ($identifier, $icon)
 Returns a new Semantic icon.
 htmlImage ($identifier, $src="", $alt="", $size=NULL)
 Returns a new Semantic image.
 htmlIconGroups ($identifier, $icons=array(), $size="")
 Returns a new Semantic group of images.
 htmlInput ($identifier, $type="text", $value="", $placeholder="")
 Returns a new Semantic html input.
 htmlLabel ($identifier, $content="", $icon=NULL, $tagName="div")
 Returns a new Semantic label.
 htmlLabelGroups ($identifier, $labels=array(), $attributes=array())
 htmlList ($identifier, $items=array())
 Returns a new Semantic list.
 htmlSegment ($identifier, $content="")
 Adds a new segment, used to create a grouping of related content.
 htmlSegmentGroups ($identifier, $items=array())
 Adds a group of segments.
 htmlReveal ($identifier, $visibleContent, $hiddenContent, $type=RevealType::FADE, $attributeType=NULL)
 Returns a new Semantic Reveal.
 htmlStep ($identifier, $steps=array())
 Returns a new Semantic Step.
 htmlFlag ($identifier, $flag)
 Returns a new Semantic Flag.
 htmlEmoji ($identifier, $emoji)
 Returns a new Semantic Emoji.
 htmlRail ($identifier, $content=null)
 Returns a new Semantic Rail.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SemanticHtmlCollectionsTrait
 addHtmlComponent (BaseHtml $htmlComponent)
 htmlTable ($identifier, $rowCount, $colCount)
 htmlMessage ($identifier, $content="", $styles=NULL)
 Adds a new message.
 htmlMenu ($identifier, $items=array())
 htmlIconMenu ($identifier, $items=array())
 Adds an icon menu.
 htmlLabeledIconMenu ($identifier, $items=array())
 Adds an labeled icon menu.
 htmlBreadcrumb ($identifier, $items=array(), $autoActive=true, $startIndex=0, $hrefFunction=NULL)
 Returns a new Semantic Html Breadcrumb.
 htmlForm ($identifier, $elements=array())
 Returns a new Semantic Form.
 htmlGrid ($identifier, $numRows=1, $numCols=NULL, $createCols=true, $implicitRows=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SemanticHtmlModulesTrait
 addHtmlComponent (BaseHtml $htmlComponent)
 htmlCheckbox ($identifier, $label=NULL, $value=NULL, $type=NULL)
 Module checkbox.
 htmlRadios ($identifier, $items=[], $label=NULL, $value=NULL, $type=NULL)
 htmlRating ($identifier, $value, $max, $icon="")
 htmlProgress ($identifier, $value=0, $label=NULL)
 htmlSearch ($identifier, $placeholder=NULL, $icon=NULL)
 htmlDimmer ($identifier, $content=NULL)
 htmlModal ($identifier, $header="", $content="", $actions=array())
 Returns a new semantic modal dialog.
 htmlTab ($identifier, $tabs=array())
 Returns a new Semantic Tab.
 htmlShape ($identifier, $slides=array())
 Returns a new Semantic Shape.
 htmlDropdown ($identifier, $value="", $items=array(), $associative=true)
 htmlPopup (BaseHtml $container, $identifier, $content)
 htmlAccordion ($identifier)
 Returns a new Semantic Accordion.
 htmlAccordionMenu ($identifier, $items=array())
 Return a new Semantic Menu Accordion.
 htmlSticky ($identifier, $content=array())
 Returns a new Semantic Sticky.
 htmlSlider ($identifier)
 Returns a new Semantic Slider.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SemanticHtmlViewsTrait
 addHtmlComponent (BaseHtml $htmlComponent)
 htmlCard ($identifier)
 htmlCardGroups ($identifier, $cards=array())
 htmlItems ($identifier, $items=array())
- Public Member Functions inherited from SemanticWidgetsTrait
 addHtmlComponent (BaseHtml $htmlComponent)
 dataTable ($identifier, $model, $instances=null)
 jsonDataTable ($identifier, $model, $instances=null)
 dataElement ($identifier, $instance=null)
 dataForm ($identifier, $instance)
 defaultLogin ($identifier, $instance=null)
 smallLogin ($identifier, $instance=null)
 segmentedLogin ($identifier, $instance=null)
 defaultAccount ($identifier, $instance=null)

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Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

__construct (   $autoCompile = true)

Reimplemented from BaseGui.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ setLanguage()

setLanguage (   $language)

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